Good Nutrition is Important for
Senior Health and Quality of Life

Enjoy Tasty, Well Balanced Meals in Mason County, WV

As we age, our body’s needs and metabolic rates change. Mason County Action Group takes the nutritional requirements of our seniors very seriously and strives to provide a tasty, yet well-balanced and healthy daily meal that will nourish and satisfy dietary needs. Our staff carefully plans each meal to make sure that our seniors are well taken care of. We hope you will stop by and enjoy a meal with us in our Point Pleasant and Mason, WV senior centers.

Improve Your Immune System and Bodily Functions by Eating Well

Maintaining proper nutrition through your senior years can eliminate many illnesses, diseases, and health-related issues. Making sure your body receives valuable nutrients can also help prevent bone loss. Healthy meals are essential to keeping your muscles strong and your immune system functioning properly. Far too many seniors take short cuts and eat snack foods or avoid eating the proper balance of nutritious foods. Unfortunately, they pay the price with poor health or unnecessary health complications. Research has proven that by eating a healthy balance of good, wholesome foods, many seniors can strengthen their immune systems against the common cold and the flu. Eating well is an important component of promoting proper body system functionality, which leads to better overall quality of life.

We welcome you to visit and dine with us. A suggested contribution per meal is calculated based on income; however, no one is turned away due to inability to pay. For more information on our lunch program, please give us a call at: (304) 675-2369 or fill out our online contact form.